Sunday, July 15, 2007

All About the Drama (NOT!)

Welcome to my blog! This is going to be all about Drama Libre, a theme club I've set up in Second Life with the help a few good friends. If you're on Second Life, check it out! OK, I know at first glance Drama Libre seems like every other club in SL... club infrastructure, DJ, streaming music, dance machine. BUT! We completely build the entire set to match the themes we do. Every week, we completely TEAR DOWN what we built, and rebuild for the next theme. It takes us dozens of hours each week, but we have a blast! And so do our guests! Check out these pics!

This pic above is for our London set... yup we tried to replicate London Bridge! We were rockin' and shakin' on the bridge, it was a sight to see!

This is our current set... La Bastille during the French Revolution. Folks teleported into the garden maze, only to lose their heads via the guillotine!
It may look like we do historical themes a lot, but we also did The Matrix, Under The Sea, Lord Of the Rings, Grease, Superheroes, and a whole lot of other themes! In the 39 weeks we've been holding these events, we have never repeated a theme once!
I hope you're intrigued! More to come! And if you're in Second Life, well check us out every Saturday 8pm-1am and Thursday 5pm-midnight SL (PST) time!


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